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JFA 45

2 900 000 SEK

The JFA 45 is built in two samples. It is a yacht that is fully designed, equipped and built to go anywhere. This JFA 45 has been used by its current, first owner, to explore the world. A very well maintained and continuously upgraded yacht that has been taken care of very carefully by an experienced owner that don’t like problems on the oceans. If you are looking for a “go-anywhere” yacht – don’t miss this JFK 45!


A cutter rigged aluminium yacht with shallow (1,75 m) fixed twin keel construction. Deck saloon, two cabins for sleeping, bath room, great seagoing galley located at the centre of gravity. Plenty of storage for food and spares.

Brand: JFA 45
Model: JFA Yachts
Location: Göteborg
Length (meters): 14.35
Width (meters): 4.25
Depth (meters): 1.75
Detailed specification: Download
Presented by
Magnus Kullberg
+46 701 692 398

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