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*Sold* JFA 45

2 350 000 SEK

The JFA 45 is built in two samples. It is a yacht that is fully designed, equipped and built to go anywhere. This JFA 45 has been used by its current, first owner, to explore the world. A very well maintained and continuously upgraded yacht that has been taken care of very carefully by an experienced owner that don’t like problems on the oceans. If you are looking for a “go-anywhere” yacht – don’t miss this JFK 45!

A cutter rigged aluminium yacht with shallow (1,75 m) fixed twin keel construction. Deck saloon, two cabins for sleeping, bath room, great seagoing galley located at the centre of gravity. Plenty of storage for food and spares.

Price: € 225.000 (approx SEK 2.350.000)

Located in Göteborg / Öckerö

Key Fact’s

  • Standing rigging – 2014
  • Lazy jacks / Lazy bag system – 2017
  • RIB tender – 2017
  • Davits
  • Batteries – 2015
  • Water maker
  • Washing machine
  • Diesel generator
  • Heater
  • 2 x windlass
  • Insulated twin layer deck house windows
  • MaxSea TimeZero system.

Here is the owners comments and thoughts behind the design of the yacht:

« Adagio » , a project behind a design JFA45 (

At the end of the last century two friends, experienced boat owners , though about a new way to fulfill their dreams. Their project was different , caribbean for « Draco » , high latitudes for « Adagio ».

Different project , but same requirement:

-Deck saloon , for the pleasure of watching outside , rather than a storage cabinet, whether the weather is warm , cold , sunny , snowy or rainy .
Taking a watch from the inside is very confortable , specially at lunch or dinner time , or on a cold night;

In a glimpse, when cooking or awakening, you have full situation awareness looking at the chart table without your oilskin !

-We both wanted to cook , eat , sleep and have a shower in comfort at sea .
The architect located the galley , the master berth and the dining room as close as possible to the center of gravity

-We wanted to sail with a short crew , even solo , but able to entertains with a a dining room for 6 + and a large cockpit table. The design of the cockpit is very different from what you have on the market ; the helmsman is always protected from adverse weather ( this Summer in Sweden the sun was violent !! ) , close to the chart table , and has all the oversized winches on hand ( thanks to the deck saloon we have a very good view on the leading edge of every sails from the inside )

And like on big yachts ,there are no ropes in the way of guests feet !

-We wanted a strong and safe structure with 2 watertight bulkhead ( bowthruster is ahead of the front one, rudder is behind the aft one : if any big problems on these devices, you will not sink !).
the choice of the material seems obvious : aluminium ( very common in french and dutch boatyards for blue water yachts), and a composite roof for more flexibility on the design.

Above waterline , foam isolates the hull , and double glazed windows with tinted glasses (6 mm plus 8 mm Saint Gobain glass) keep the heat or the cold outside

We wanted powerfull sails and a stay sail. So we have a carbon boom Park Avenue type and a full batten 3 reefs main. An electric winch at the foot of the mast made action on halyards or furling line an easy job; when you have to send a crewman to the mast, it counts!

2 lifelines on the deck authorize movement in full safety. An hydraulic boom vang and outhaul trim complete the device for easy trimming. As soon as the wind rise above 12 M/S the stay sail makes the difference.

We wanted a big tender , with a big engine (aluminium Highfield RIB with Evinrude 15HP) on davits and easy boarding / bathing :so there is a large opening bath platform, where we stock the 2X 5 KGS Gasol bottle and the stern anchor ; a good bathing ladder (used also to board when beached) has his position there

We wanted an high autonomy : 720 l of fuel , a generator , a water maker , a fridge , a freezer, a cooled compartment for fruits and vegetables, a washing machine and a lot of storage!

6 x 100 Amp AGM batteries give 300 Amp in 24 V; the generator, the engine, the bow thruster have each a separate AGM battery (no possibility of error!).

Electricity is essential on an aluminium boat; Barillec (barillec- did a perfect job and a mastervolt isolation transformer keeps corrosion away.

2 separate fresh water circuits; a 60 L Nauta flexible tank with a seagull filter and a foot pump for the drinking water guarantees you have drinking water in every circumstances.

Over it a workbench with a vice.
In the galley a Force 10 oven with a aspirating fan , and a sea water foot pump to save water during dishwashing, benefit to a french cook !

Main engine is a 5 cylinder Nanni (Kubota based) with no turbo, no electronics… easy and not expensive maintenance.

Generator is a Westerbeke 3 cylinders 1500 rpm (Kubota too) in a cocoon.

On this size of boat we can expect 2, 30 – 2,50 m draught, quite a lot! Centerboard or dagger board are fragile and means that tons of lead must be carried. Swinging keel was studied, but not chosen; too fragile ,the certainty that a moving heavy piece could have a problem one day; with a moving appendix, if you have an impact with a reef or object in the water you need to be close to a good welder with a crane !

One morning Olivier Racoupeau, the designer from La Rochelle (, called me ; he designed a twin keels for a big schooner and was happy with the results. After hours studying performance curves, this was the choice we made and I dont regret it. We have the same performance with 1,65 m twin keels than with an 2,10 m center keel, but we have an everywhere beach capability on a bar , a beach or a quay ;

She is steady on her 2 keels without any additionnal device with the option to live on board; an other big advantage, even in the pack ice ,we have had no impact on propeller or on the single rudder; very very safe..

-We wanted all the safety gear easily accesible, and a locker for oilskin and boots . We add an other toilet for guests or sea use (and back up !)

-We wanted a nice design , a low profile hull (less exposition to wind and waves) and a bow nose for quiet anchoring.

After many miles between Svalbard and Finland, from Britany to Scotland ( during those years its sister ship crossed North Atlantic many times), I am a happy sailor on « Adagio »

This boat made my dream come true, with all the demands of an airline pilot we want all the time a fully operational yacht. All year round, every system is checked, improved when possible and replaced before failure (this year for example, the washing machine, the oven, the water pressure system, the solenoid and the swivel yoke of the autopilot actuator and the car stereo was replaced), plus routine maintenance .
As soon you cast off, you can sail away everywhere, in comfort and safety.

Brand: JFA 45
Model: JFA Yachts
Location: Göteborg
Length (meters): 14.35
Width (meters): 4.25
Depth (meters): 1.75
Detailed specification: Download
Presented by
Magnus Kullberg
+46 79 079 55 45

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