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*Sold* Sweden Yachts 45

395 000 SEK

Every detail, from the shape of the hull to the design of the rig, works together as a harmonious whole, creating an unmatched yacht for serious sailing.

Sail and rig handling have been simplified to minimise effort and add more pleasure to the whole sailing experience. This yacht is equipped with an optional Carbon mast, park avenue boom and North 3DL sails with enhance the performance of this lightly used yacht.

The cockpit is ergonomically designed, giving the helmsman a relaxed, well-balanced environment even under really tough conditions in open sea, hard weather sailing.

Brand: Sweden Yachts AB
Model: Sweden yachts 45
Location: Canet en Roussillon / France
Length (meters): 14.15
Width (meters): 4.18
Depth (meters): 2.30
Detailed specification: Download
Presented by
Magnus Kullberg
+46 79 079 55 45

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